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Is Bigger Better?

Does size matter? Weddings – is bigger better?

Shortly after getting engaged couples turn their attention to planning their ‘Big Day’ and the first task is to decide whether you want a big wedding or a small wedding. The answer to this is determined by many things such as family size, desired location (how many will fit in your dream venue?) and most significantly, budget. Many couples end up with a smaller wedding due to these restrictions, but many couples choose a small wedding and we’d like to tell you why.

Aileen and Mark got married on 4th May 2013. They have allowed me to share photos of their very intimate wedding. With only 4 people in total (including the Bride and Groom) I learnt a lot about the pros of a smaller wedding from this romantic (and brave) couple.

The focus of your wedding day should be you – The Bride and Groom. As the number of guests increases, so will the level of distraction from the main event. Having a smaller wedding means you can be assured that your special day really will be all about you. It’s your day, so be selfish if you want to!

Family and friends are well meaning and will want to be part of your ‘Big Day’. However, with them comes a plethora of politics, in-fighting and relationship issues. By keeping the guest list small you can avoid the planning stress of who can’t sit near who at the meal, and whether to invite your mother’s best friend’s daughter etc etc! You get to enjoy this very special day with those people who are truly special to you.

Guests = money. If you keep your wedding small, you can spend more money on the details of your day that mean most to you. Everyone has a budget, and regardless of whether that budget is big or small, a small wedding will allow you to proportion more money to making it your special day, rather than detracting from the details to pay for another plate at the wedding breakfast.

The Bride and Groom will always be centre of attention at a wedding, but that doesn’t suit all personalities that choose to get married. Many Brides-to-be do not relish the idea of being looked on by a big crowd. Having a smaller wedding allows the more bashful Brides and Grooms to enjoy their day stress-free. It’s vital that you feel comfortable around those who will witness you making this important commitment to one another.

In summary, there are many reasons why you may choose to have a big or small wedding, but the important thing will always be that it is YOUR choice. It should be a mutual decision that both the Bride and Groom feel comfortable with, and one that will ensure your Wedding Day is one to remember for all the right reasons.

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