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We aim to discuss all those things that you've thought about but just couldn't bring yourself to say out loud! Everything from cutting friends off of a guest list, nightmare mothers and banning children from your wedding. There's also articles which should help you plan your day, keep you calm and guide you to vintage wedding perfection.


Teapots and Teacups – 5 less conventional ways to use yours ... Read More

Vintage Dress Dreams and Dragonfly Dress Design

For all Brides-to-be the 'Dream Dress' challenge can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. For Vintage style Brides, this challenge is heightened by the lack of good quality vintage wedding dress designers. We think we have found the answer...Read More



Vintage Cocktails - How to serve up style with authenticity

Why not add a splash of vintage authenticity with these period cocktails, broken down into their most popular decades? ...Read More

Vintage Wedding Photography - SD Photography and their Story

Since discovering SD Photography’s work over 6 months ago, I learnt that Vintage Wedding Photography can be so much more than sepia tones or black and white images  ... Read More  

Bouquet throwing – fun or flippant?
My husband was horrified when he heard how much my bouquet of Vanda Orchids was going to cost, and even more so when he heard that I intended on throwing it to a group of wedding hungry women. Just like your wedding day, your bouquet will not last forever, so why not partake in this fun tradition?
.... read more

Coloured Wedding Dresses – is it really all white?
Colour is in! One of the hottest trends in bridal gowns right now is to include some colour. Have you been agonising over the decision to buy a wedding dress that isn’t the traditional white/ivory? Like the Elie Saab collection below, many wedding dress designers have started to introduce dresses  in colours that stray from the traditional. But how do you decide if that’s the right choice for you?
... read more

Does Absence Really Make The Heart Grow Fonder?
.... read more

How to beat the post Wedding Day blues
You put on your fabulous dress, married the man of your dreams surrounded by all your loved and all of a sudden the months of planning are over – you are married. Congratulations!  However, once your big day is over, there is a tendency to get the post Wedding Day blues, so here’s a few suggestions to help you keep them at bay
.... read more

Mother and Daughter wedding day politics – generations of issues
Your wedding day is an important event in your life, but many Brides can forget that it is also a major event for their parents, particularly their mothers. Sometimes a mothers enthusiasm during the planning stages can become overbearing or be misunderstood. Additionally, if granny is still alive and well you may find that it isn’t just your own mother that causes you stress during the planning of the wedding, it could be hers too!
.... read more

Should the Bride get a speaking part at the wedding reception?
My friends will tell you that I like to talk - a lot! However, when it came to the speeches at our wedding, I opted to stick to tradition and keep the speaking parts to the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man. It is still quite unusual for the Bride to stand up and address the guests, but do you think she should have a speaking part at the reception?
.... read more

The Big Children Debate
No, this isn’t a blog about overweight children, but actually a look at the reasons for and against inviting children along to your wedding day. There has been an increasing trend in adult only invitations, which many of you may think unfair. However, please take a look at our pros and cons of having children at your wedding before making your final conclusion on the issue
.... read more

Traditions and Superstitions – Part of your day?
Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in your shoe
.... read more

Vintage Accessorising - the Rule of 14
With so many incredible accessories now available, it can be difficult to decide on which accessories to choose for your wedding day and whether you are wearing too many.  Whilst opinions may differ on the matter of the quantity of accessories you choose, I did stumble upon a guide circa 1948 which claims your wedding day accessorising can be simplified using a ‘Rule of 14’.
.... read more

Wedding Guest List Planning
One of the most contentious and stressful elements to wedding planning is undoubtedly the writing of the Guest List, so why do so many couples struggle to agree on who to invite and share their big day with?
.... read more

Will Your Pet Be Attending Your Wedding?
For many of us, our pets are more like members of the family and it just doesn’t feel right to leave them out of one of the biggest days of our lives. But how far do you go when trying to include them?
.... read more

You've Found THE Dress - Now who do you show?
You’ve found THE dress, and now you’re so excited you want to share it with mum, your best friends, your sister, the lady from the Post Office etc! The big question is how many people should you share your dress with before your big day?
.... read more

Vintage Wedding Cake Recipe – The Bride’s Cake
Traditionally there are actually three types of wedding cake. The Wedding cake, the Groom’s cake and the one we are focusing on today – the Bride’s cake
... read more

The 1920s and all that Jazz
More so than many of the other wedding decades, the 1920s were all about celebration and fun. The sad truth is that there were fewer men of a marriageable age available following the devastation of the First World War and there were therefore, fewer weddings. As a result, weddings were celebrated with extraordinary style... read more

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