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5 things you’ll find on every stag do

5 things you’ll find on every stag do

Posted On April 8, 2016 by Caroline


To many Brides-to-be the ‘stag do’ is one of those horrifying hurdles you can’t get round, but must get over before you get married. It isn’t always that way but most women will have even the tiniest of knots in their tummies when their dearest is taken off to an unknown location for his night (or weekend) of enforced fun.




To help you ladies prepare for the inevitable, here’s 5 things you’ll find on every stag do:


1.     Fancy Dress – prepare to be sporadically updated via text/social media on the latest wardrobe invention your husband to be is sporting…at 11am…in the centre of town!

2.     The Drunken Dad – There’s always one, and usually it’s one of the Dads that takes this unsupervised trip out with the boys to a new level of dodgy dancing, finger pointing, speech giving, cab home crying chaos. Hopefully you’ll never find out if it was your Dad, but if it was his, expect it to pop up in the speeches!

3.     Nakedness – In any form, not just the kind you find on activities like these at 'Goldfingers' but voluntary and again erratic nakedness from any members of the stag do party…and yes, maybe even your dad!

4.     Other Hen Parties – This is safe territory, Hen and Stag parties often end up combining whilst out and about because momentarily if gives everyone a bit of a break. It’s easy to strike up conversation because of common ground and the Hen/Stag can catch their breath with someone who understands their predicament!

5.     The Phone Ban – It may be for an hour, it may be for the whole day but make no mistake, at some point his friends will remove/ban your stag from using that phone to check in with you. But now you know this will happen, you don’t need to worry if he hasn’t checked in for a bit!


At the end of the day, don’t sweat it. You’re marrying this man because you trust him to spend the rest of your life with him, so a couple of silly nights out with the lads shouldn’t be enough to unsettle you.


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