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As Long As You're Not Gay...

As Long As You're Not Gay...

Posted On July 14, 2015 by Caroline

I was astounded recently when a (somewhat out of the ordinary) Bride told me that when discussing her ideas with a potential photographer, she mentioned that it would be an unusual wedding, and the photographer flippantly retorted, “as long as you’re not gay!”




I call the Bride out of the ordinary as she has bright blue/purple hair and the wedding is going to be ‘unusual’ because she’s trying to plan it in a real life circus tent.


I have no intention of telling you what the sexuality of this Bride-to-be is. It is irrelevant. However, that throw away remark just cost that photographer a £1500 job and perhaps more significantly, his company name and respect as a photographer.


A week later I see this post on Facebook which makes me realise that there are wedding suppliers out there that will say no to providing products and services to same sex couples looking to get married. Let me be clear, we are NOT one of them. In fact, it makes me incredibly sad to have to even write this post or point it out. In the same way that straight people don’t walk around announcing “I’m Straight” I don’t believe gay people need to declare’ “I’m gay”. I should not have to tell my customers that we will provide products for their gay wedding, it should be assumed in the same way that I will supply products for couples of different sexes getting married.


I’m not trying to start a debate or political argument. I just want our customers to know that here at The Vintage Swallow we support love in all its forms, regardless of sexuality…of ethnic origin, of age, or gender. 


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