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Big up the boys!

Big up the boys!

Posted On January 14, 2015 by Caroline

OK, I’m totally guilty of this, as are most of the wedding related websites you come across. We spend far too much time focussing on the Bride, so today I’m going to spend a bit of time putting the man main of the wedding day, into the spotlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Groom!

In most cases, there’s been blood, sweat and tears over the agonising planning of the proposal, and as soon as you hear those glorious words “Yes/of course/hell yeah/about time” you are immediately thrust into the blood, sweat and tears of wedding planning. Do you mind? Real life Groom Jonathan Barns explains, “I know it’s not traditional, but I loved every minute of the wedding planning, and on the plus side, by being so involved it meant I could keep an eye on the budget!”

If you think it is just the Bride who wants to look her best on the wedding day you are very mistaken. Grooms also agonise over what they want to wear, whether the other half will like it and what his mum would think. The choice for men’s wedding wear is improving, and if you’re having a vintage wedding, the range of authentic and replica suits available can be exciting.

For help stylishly accessorising your wedding look, why not take a look at which has a wide range of ties and fashion accessories, with men's accessories and women’s accessories including gifts for men:

There’s also a very handy Tie tying guide on their website if you need a little help!

I asked some of my Groom customers to tell me what they were most looking forward to about their wedding day, and despite a couple of comments about the after-party activities(!) most admitted that they were most looking forward to seeing their Bride arrive. Well Grooms, let me tell you that us Brides look forward to the exact same moment, and despite being married for nearly 4 years now, I still get butterflies when I remember the look on my husband’s face as I walked towards him.

I sometimes think Brides are far luckier than the Groom when it comes to relaxing on the wedding day. Most Brides opt out of doing a speech, so once the formalities are over they can sit back and basque in the glory of their efforts and enjoy their wedding day. Grooms however, have to keep their nerves in check until they have a) given their own speech and b) nervously laughed through the Best Mans! Additionally, apart from a few confident types, most Grooms dread the first dance which is another event that can get in the way of a relaxing day. I mean, most Brides are hidden by swathes of material so no one notices if she has two left feet, but if the groom were to stand on her dress/toes/veil, EVERYONE notices.

So boys, thank you, from all of us Brides for getting involved with the planning, for your patience, for caring what you wear (and what we think) and for your nerves of steel. We wouldn’t be able to do it with such conviction, which is why you are the Groom!

For more Groom inspiration, why not check out our 'Glorious Grooms' board on Pinterest?


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