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Seriously Sunny Siena - A wedding photographer's dream
Seriously Sunny Siena - A wedding photographer's dream

Seriously Sunny Siena - A wedding photographer's dream

Posted On October 28, 2014 by Caroline

Wedding in Siena: a beautiful place for your marriage

A wedding is a special day in the life of any person, but if you dream
of celebrating this day in the heart of picturesque Siena, Tuscany, you
plan on creating memories that will last a lifetime. Capturing these
special memories is the job of Andrea Sampoli, one of the best exclusive
wedding photographers in Tuscany. His creative work highlights the
personal uniqueness of the bride and groom and their chosen location in
his wedding photography throughout Tuscany and Italy. Tuscany has
inspired visitors for its scenery, food and history for centuries, but
today, celebrating a wedding in picturesque Siena takes on new
significance. An exclusive celebration in this magical location with a
long significant history makes the wedding take on prestigious
significance when looking ahead at the lives a couple will embark on

Celebrating a marriage in a place like Siena so deeply rooted in history
requires choosing the right photographer to capture this special day.
Choosing a professional photographer from the area is the best way to
ensure that the whole atmosphere of your exclusive wedding is captured
in its entirety, from the surrounding scenery to the emotional faces of
the bride and groom, from the food and atmosphere to the smallest
details all brides want to remember of their dress and decorations. All
these things come together in Andrea’s wedding photography to live on
long after the festivities have finished for the day. Andrea believes
the bride and groom are the protagonists of their wedding, which should
be lived intensely and without worries. He disappears behind his lens
and goes behind the scenes in order to capture the most special moments.
His wedding photography will capture your senses and help you relive the
day every time you look through your wedding photo album.


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