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Bouquet throwing – fun or flippant?

Throwing the bridal bouquetMy husband was horrified when he heard how much my bouquet of Vanda Orchids was going to cost, and even more so when he heard that I intended on throwing it to a group of wedding hungry women. Just like your wedding day, your bouquet will not last forever, so why not partake in this fun tradition?

Seeing a Bride throw her bouquet is a moment to be treasured. It is the one occasion where you will see the Bride thoroughly relaxed and having a joke with her friends. Rounding up the single ladies can be a little embarrassing, but the bouquet throwing ritual will give you all some to giggle about afterwards. It is fantastic that so many brides are willing to partake in this tradition, and who better to treasure your bouquet than a best friend or loved one?

On the other hand, you could argue that because the bouquet is something you can only enjoy on your wedding day that you should do just that – enjoy it for the whole of your wedding day, not throw it away into the arms of another woman. Alternatively, there are many companies offering bouquet preservation and framing, so you could keep the bouquet going for years through a piece of unusual wall art, rather than lose it to another ladies coffee table for a week. Another option is that many florists have started offering an extra bouquet, specially made to be thrown. However, surely the importance of the bouquet is lost if it isn’t the real one that made it down the aisle?

I ended up keeping my bouquet and we took it on our honeymoon in Scotland. It made a great centrepiece for the dining table in our cottage, and we got some quirky photographs of me holding it up mountains and on the beach. As a result, the image of my bouquet now means much more to me than a bunch of flowers I carried down the aisle, it also symbolises such happy memories of our honeymoon.

Whatever you decide to do with your bouquet, make sure it pays for itself in the happy memories it will undoubtedly give you, whether that be a giggle with the girls when you throw it on your wedding day or in a frame on your wall for years to come. Just remember, it might not be the tradition to follow if you decide on a vintage brooch bouquet – that could really hurt!

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