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Should the Bride get a speaking part at the wedding reception?

My friends will tell you that I like to talk - a lot! However, when it came to the speeches at our wedding, I opted to stick to tradition and keep the speaking parts to the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man. It is still quite unusual for the Bride to stand up and address the guests, but do you think she should have a speaking part at the reception?


If a Bride feels confident enough, I think she should go ahead and say what she wants to, in her way. Individuality in weddings should be celebrated, often it’s what makes or breaks the day. Bridal speeches are frequently given in the absence of any living parents. However, if the Bride is feeling overwhelmed, it could be a disaster. Everyone expects a bit of emotion at a wedding, but no one wants to listen to the Bride wail and cry her way through a whole speech!


Equally, if the Groom is of a more timid nature, I would argue it is better to have a Bride present a speech than force this uncomfortable chore onto her beloved Groom. Public speaking is an art, and something many people dread doing. So why not allow the Bride to speak up on behalf of the newlyweds instead of the Groom? Tradition shouldn’t be restrictive.


Although there were many things I would have liked to say to my guests at the wedding, I decided not to for two reasons. The first was that I wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding day without the fear of having to give a speech. I had put so much time into organising the wedding that I wanted to enjoy every single minute without stressing. The second was that I felt it was my husband’s turn. Although we organised the wedding together, much of it was an expression of my taste, style and all the things I love. Therefore, I thought it was important that he got a chance to express himself and was certain he would do a better job – which he did!


Ultimately, I think that the answer to this dilemma cannot be generalised. It will depend on the individual Bride and the circumstances. However, I do think that the Bride needs to be sure she will cope, I have seen it go wrong so many times and I would suggest that if in doubt, don’t!

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