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Will Your Pet Be Attending Your Wedding?

Will your pet be attending your wedding? – How to include your four legged friends in your big day

Pets at your wedding

For many of us, our pets are more like members of the family and it just doesn’t feel right to leave them out of one of the biggest days of our lives. But how far do you go when trying to include them?

I would suggest that dressing them up in a matching tuxedo and having them by your side may be a bit much, but clearly Adam Sandler disagreed when he married Jackie Titone!

The important thing is that they are part of your day without taking over or being a distraction. When I got married we briefly considered having our dog bring the rings down the aisle but decided against it for 3 reasons:

  1. He might not come when called
  2. Muddy paws and wedding dresses are not favourably matched
  3. Nothing will ruin a romantic mood like a dog doing his business centre stage!

It’s important to remember that you are there to get married, something I doubt even the most intelligent canines can comprehend.

When I arrived at my wedding venue, our Dalmatian ‘Dougall’ was sat outside in the boot of a car, singing along to the bagpipes to welcome me. It had an incredibly calming effect on me and I was pleased to see him. It would have been strange to spend the whole day without seeing him as he is such an integral part of our daily routine.

Following our ceremony, Dougall was welcomed outside with us for photographs and to meet our guests. He is loved by all of our friends and they were more than happy to have him alongside. He did decide that the bottom of my dress was much more comfortable than lying on the grass but I didn’t mind, clearly the dog has taste!

Having your pets attend just for a few photographs is a wonderful idea and the results can be incredible. Famously, Ricki Lake included her goldendoodle Jeffie and English bulldog Pacha in her beach wedding and we think this photo is wonderful.

One thing I would advise if you are going to invite your pet along to any part of your day is that you have a rehearsal. Make sure you take your pet to the venue beforehand so they can familiarise themselves with the sounds and smells surrounding them. That way they will be more relaxed when the time comes, and less likely to cause any issues. Additionally, nominate someone to be in charge of looking after them. Your wedding day isn’t a time to be poop scooping or chasing inquisitive animals!

Finally, there will be people who won’t understand why you would want your pet there and there will be people not keen on dogs so make sure that you keep the dog under control or on a lead to avoid any distress. Ultimately though, the golden rule of only inviting those whose you really want to share your day with still stands, regardless of whether they have 2 legs or 4!

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