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Vintage Accessorising - the Rule of 14

With so many incredible accessories now available, it can be difficult to decide on which accessories to choose for your wedding day and whether you are wearing too many.  Whilst opinions may differ on the matter of the quantity of accessories you choose, I did stumble upon a guide circa 1948 which claims your wedding day accessorising can be simplified using a ‘Rule of 14’.

Vintage Wedding Bridal Accesorries

The rule dictates that everything you decide to wear should not add up to more than 14 points.  If it does then you have over accessorised and should remove at least 1 item.  Also, it suggests that you are under dressed if your score places you in the 8-12 points bracket.  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I added my points together from what I was wearing on my wedding day and I scored a shameful 8 points!  Why not take a look at the categories and see what you might score on your big day?  Each accessory listed is 1 point and if you are wearing more than one item, count it twice.  Good luck!

Dress   Buckles  
Hat   Bow  
Veil   Necklace  
Hairclip   Earrings  
Flower   Bracelet  
Heels/Sandals/Pumps   Ring  
Jacket or Wrap   Gloves  
Handbag/Clutch   Handkerchief  
Sub-total   Sub-total  


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