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1930 - 1940

1930 - 1940

A decade of fashion inspired by Hollywood and the recovery from the Depression. Whilst bridal gowns became bias cut and sensual, bridesmaid dresses became akin to Little Bo Peep. Designs became more forward looking and streamlined throughout the decade and were inspired by sentiment and symbolism.


Shorter Dresses with square necklines
Large ‘shower’ bouquets
Transparent overdresses
Ribbons and ruffles positioned at the side of the hip


Juliet Headdress and lace veils
Fur wraps and feather boleros


Small Posies
Asymmetric hemlines
Floral detailing
Cloche hats


Art Deco era of movement and light – lots of sequins and beads to reflect light
“The shorter the dress, the longer the veil”
Short cropped hairstyles


See below for the colour palette for this decade to help you choose your venue and table decorations and  wedding accessories.

Vintage Wedding Decade Details 1920s

Art Deco Photograph Frame
Art Deco Photograph Frame
Frou Frou Umbrella
Frou Frou Umbrella
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