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Friends, Family and Favours

With the average wedding coming in at £20,000 it’s no wonder that all Brides and Grooms have to look at areas in their wedding planning to compromise on. Where you choose to spend more or less on your wedding will be down to your personalities and your priorities. However, one thing that will allow you to compromise on less, is  using your friends and families, and their skill sets, to add to your big day without taking away from your budget.

Do you have a friend that’s a florist? Is granny any good with a needle and thread? Is mum up to baking the cake? Some people may see these options as compromises but it is often the personal touches at a wedding that stand it apart from the crowd.

In my immediate circle of friends, here’s a list of the different things they had at their wedding after pulling in favours from friends and family, and an estimate for how much money they saved on that one thing:

Wedding cake - £300-500     Garter - £25                  Favours - £300-500

Stationery - £300-500           Venue - £1500+            Decorations - £150+

Flowers - £750+                    Cars - £300-500            Dress - £500+

Photographer - £800-1500    Ring Pillow - £25          Confetti - £50

Make-up - £300+                   Hair - £300+                 Catering - £2000+


It’s clear that you can save a lot of money by pulling in favours but that will depend on how talented your friends and family are! Don’t be tempted to trust these details to people who aren’t professionals or extremely well practised, it’s not worth ruining relationships over if it all goes horribly wrong!

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