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You've Found THE Dress - Now who do you show?

You’ve found THE dress, and now you’re so excited you want to share it with mum, your best friends, your sister, the lady from the Post Office etc! The big question is how many people should you share your dress with before your big day?

I have known some brides to try and keep it a secret from everyone until their wedding days. However, this will be really tough when you get the inevitable ‘have I picked the right one’ or the ‘do I still like it’ pre wedding nerves. You will need someone who has seen the dress, preferably with you in it, to tell you that it was by far the best one you tried on, that no other dress comes close and that your husband to be will be overcome at the mere sight of you.

It can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding and it’s fun to share that with someone, even if that someone is the groom to be! I know a bride who went dress shopping with her fiancé and when I asked her if she thinks that will spoil the ‘big’ entrance and the ‘ta-dah’ of the day she told me, “The one person that has to love what im wearing is the man that I am marrying. He knows what suits me best and I wouldn’t want to get it wrong.” She also told me that he will be the only one to see the dress before the wedding and as controversial as this choice may be, I have no doubt that he will still be beaming with pride on their wedding day and she will still get to surprise all her guests.

Keeping your dress a secret can be agonising, but the trouble with getting carried away and showing lots of people is that you will spoil your big unveil on the day. If you want to walk in to gasps and excited mutterings from your congregation then tell only the bridesmaids and swear them to secrecy.

Like one of The Vintage Swallow’s brides, if the idea of walking down the aisle really does terrify you, or you are uncomfortable being the centre of attention, then why not make it a more relaxed affair by sharing the details with a few more of your friends and family beforehand? That way there will be less fuss about the dress and more about the marriage itself.

I made the decision to only share my dress with my bridesmaids and some of my family that were not attending the wedding. For me, this was the right choice. Not only because I could never keep that secret for a year, but I needed my girls to back me up when I doubted my choice and awoke from the dreaded wedding dress nightmares. Also, I loved every minute of watching my guests faces as they digested every little detail of my dress as I walked down the aisle, not to mention the stunned look on my smiling groom’s face as I walked towards him - totally worth the wait!

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